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The overlays are designed to rugged and durable, but the installation tips on this page can make the installation easier and assure you of many years of trouble free service from your overlays.

You can use tweezers or a knife blade to simply place the overlays on the key, but you must make sure that the overlay is straight when you place it. The adhesive is designed to bond tightly when pressed on the key. If you have to remove the overlay to reposition it, the adhesive bond will not be as strong.

The simple steps below can make placing the overlays easier and more accurate.

Before you begin installing the overlays, you should collect the items you will need to complete the installation:
  • The overlays
  • A small bowl or bottle cap with a little water
  • Dish washing detergent (or similar liquid soap)
  • A paper towel (or cotton balls)
  • One or more Q-Tips (or cotton balls)
  • Tweezers or a knife blade is recommended


Step 1

Turn off your computer. It is not necessary to disconnect the keyboard from the computer, but you should have the computer turned off.

Mix a drop of dish washing detergent in the bowl of water. Dip the Q-Tip in the water to moisten it.

Step 2

Place the Q-Tip on the paper towel to remove the excess moisture.

Step 3

Wet the computer key for the overlay. Make sure that you do NOT place too much water or moisture on the key. You do not want the water to run down the sides of the computer key.

CAUTION: Do not apply too much moisture to the key. Apply only enough to make the key top moist. If you apply too much moisture, it may drip down the side of the key and damage the key switch.

Step 4

Use a knife blade or tweezers to lift the overlay from the sheet. Place it over the key making sure that it is the correct key for that overlay. When you have it in place, press the overlay onto the key.

Because the key is moist, the overlay will not immediately stick to the key allowing you to slide the overlay slightly on the key for perfect alignment.

Step 5

When you have the overlay in the correct position, take the paper towel and press it firmly on the overlay. This step forces any excess moisture out from under the overlay. When the overlay is firmly in place, burnish it down with your finger, the dry end of a Q-Tip, or your fingernail. Press firmly enough to ensure a good bond, but not too hard as to damage the key switch. This process will assure you a firm installation that will last for years.



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