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Russian (Windows XP) Keyboard Stickers

Description - Features - Layout


The Russian Windows XP/Student stickers support either the Windows XP default keyboard layout or the Russian Student keyboard layout. The stickers are printed on clear Lexan® so the original key legend shows through; this allows you to add Russian (Windows XP) stickers to your existing keyboard so that it becomes a bilingual keyboard (Russian (Windows XP)) and the original language of your keyboard). The stickers are available in blue letters on clear stickers (for beige and light colored keyboards) and white letters on clear stickers (for dark colored keyboards). Windows XP includes support for the Russian keyboard layout which the stickers use. If the user wishes to use the Student layout, they will have to modify the Windows XP keyboard layout to match the sticker. 

Russian (Windows XP) stickers are a very economical option for creating a bilingual Russian (Windows XP) keyboard. The language stickers use an easy peel-and-stick method to install. They will not ooze adhesive, dry out, or damage the original keyboard key. The letters are printed on the underside of the Russian (Windows XP) stickers so that the lettering will not wear out. This affords you with many years of durable use.


Russian (Windows XP) stickers are available on clear keyboard stickers in two colors:

Product Code No. 20886-B - Russian (Windows XP) Blue Sticker on clear stickers (blue letters on clear stickers for beige or light colored keyboards)

Product Code No. 20886-W - Russian (Windows XP) White Sticker on clear stickers (white letters on clear sticker for black keyboards)

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  • Durable stickers. Stickers are manufactured of durable Lexan®. They won't tear, crack, discolor, or slip off even after years of use.
  • Quality Printing. The printing is on the underside of the sticker so the INK NEVER WEARS OFF OR SCRATCHES OFF.
  • Easy to Apply. The stickers are EASY TO APPLY. The stickers are printed in the same sequence that they appear on the keyboard regardless of the keyboard's original language. See our installation instructions for more information. If necessary, stickers can be cut with scissors for special installations.
  • Quality Adhesive. The Sticker adhesive firmly attaches the sticker in place without damaging the keyboard key or the original key legend. The adhesive will not ooze, harden or wear out.
  • Removable. If desired, Stickers may be removed without causing damage to the original key or the legend on the key.
  • Accurate Die-Cutting. Stickers are printed with rounded corners so they cover the keytop and will not pop off in use.
  • Complete Alphanumeric Set. The sticker sets include stickers to cover all of the alphanumeric keys on the keyboard. The sets do not include the function keys, the control keys, or the numeric keypad.
  • Bilingual Keyboard. The clear stickers do not interfere with the original characters printed on the key.
  • Durable and Flexible. Stickers are flexible enough to allow you to feel the touch-typing bumps on the F and J keys.

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Russian Windows XP/Student Keyboard Layout


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