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Free!  Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo available from Trantor!
Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo saatavana Trantorista!
Free!  Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo available from Trantor!
Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo saatavana Trantorista!


Succeed in Learning Chinese with the Power of Wenlin !






Hinta / Price: 149,00 € (VAT 0%) - 181,80 € (ALV 22%)

Free Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo available from Trantor!
Ilmainen Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo saatavana Trantorista!


What is New in Wenlin 3.2?

Changes since version 3.1 (see also What Was New in Wenlin 3.1)

New features

  • For Mac OS X only, backup files are stored inside folders named Backup1 and Backup2 (if Backup Old Versions is turned on in the Options menu).
  • If the Instant Lookup area is enlarged to more than one row (which was a new capability in 3.1), better use is now made of that area: for a word of two or more characters, if there is room, the entries for the individual characters are shown below the entry for the word; and for a single character, if there is room, the entries for any monosyllabic cidian entries are shown below the zidian entry. Also, the size of the Instant Lookup area is remembered from one session to the next.
  • With MS-Windows XP/2000/NT, the Unicode versions of operating system functions are now used, for better compatibility with Chinese filenames and input methods. (Wenlin still has its own built-in Unicode capabilities when running on MS-Windows Me/98/95, but those Windows versions don't fully support Unicode filenames, etc.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been provided for more commands as an alternative to using the mouse. To take full advantage of these "WenlinKeys", you need to have one of the keyboard macro utilities that are published by various other companies. See here for details.
  • With Mac OS X, you can now make "a href" tags that will open applications (with extension .app) and Apple Scripts (with extension .scpt). Use ordinary HTML tags as described in the User's Guide (8.7.2). Similarly, with MS-Windows, an "a href" tag can open an executable (.EXE) file.
  • Flashcards have a new button in the window that appears when you click on the Score button: "List all characters".
  • For symbols (like and , from the Book of Changes), the new Unicode 4 standard encodings are used. (Earlier versions of Wenlin used private-use codes for hexagrams; the private-use codes are still supported for compatibility, but the file gua.txt now uses the standard character codes.)
  • The Song Hanzi font has improved scope and precision.


  • The "Special Key Convert" option is now remembered from one session to the next.
  • It is now possible to delete an entry from the English-Chinese dictionary.
  • On OS X, the Page Up/Down, Home, and End keys now work.
  • On OS X, "Create new flashcard file" now works.
  • "List characters by frequency" is no longer off by one. (In 3.0 and 3.1, if you specified 100, for example, it started at 99.)
  • Some MS-Windows printers that printed each character as white in a black rectangle for 3.1 should now work correctly.
  • Font names are now remembered from one session to the next even if their names use non-ASCII symbols.
  • The order of characters pronounced "de" (neutral tone) in the Conversion Bar has been revised to match their ABC homophone numbers: 1 , 2 , and 3 .
  • If you converted to Hanzi the word "er2zi" (or any word in which the first syllable was er2, with tone digit rather than tone mark), in 3.0 and 3.1 it was only converted one syllable at a time, though érzi would be converted all at once. Now both er2zi and érzi immediately convert into .
  • On MacOS, a problem has been corrected with the naming of the preferences file.
  • Flashcards have been fixed so that they no longer display a superfluous (and confusing) message when you put a character "on hold".
  • A small problem with "Compatible characters" in the "Make transformed copy" (where some characters were doubled in the copy) has been fixed.
  • On MS-Windows, a mistake in the Page Setup dialog (in Wenlin 3.1.6 and later only), causing margin sizes to displayed incorrectly, has been fixed.
  • Also on MS-Windows, the Search Files list no longer capitalizes file names unnecessarily.
  • The short-lived versions 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 had problems with handwriting recognition, which were corrected by version 3.2.2.

Free Update

If  you are already a licensed user of Wenlin 3.0 or later, then you may download the latest update.  Please contact us!


Copyright © 2003-2004 Wenlin Institute, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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