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Succeed in Learning Chinese with the Power of Wenlin !



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Free Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo available from Trantor!
Ilmainen Wenlin 3.4.1 Demo saatavana Trantorista!






   Download Wenlin Demo 3.4.1 here!




































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Wenlin Demo 3.4.1

August 23, 2007

The free demo (demonstration) version of Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese is a useful program in its own right. It does not expire. It differs from the complete version in the following ways:

  • The Demo has only a miniature dictionary, with a few dozen vocabulary items. The complete Wenlin dictionary has over 10,000 characters and about 200,000 words and phrases.
  • The Demo doesn't include any sound files. The complete Wenlin has Audio CD-quality studio recordings of all the syllables of Mandarin Chinese, in both a man's voice and a woman's voice.
  • The Demo includes only one sample Chinese text. The complete Wenlin includes a collection of Chinese literature.
  • The complete Wenlin comes on a CD-ROM, with a 248-page User's Guide. The same CD-ROM runs on MacOS X and MS-Windows.
  • The complete Wenlin enables you to edit the dictionary, to add new vocabulary and modify definitions.

Your computer's hard disk should have at least 10 megabytes of available space in order to install the demo. You don't need a CD-ROM drive. Otherwise, the system requirements for the demo are the same as the requirements for the complete version;

System requirements for running Wenlin Software

  • Mouse (or pointing device)
  • CD-ROM drive (while running initially or installing)
  • 500 megabytes on hard drive (for optional complete installation)
  • 32 megabytes RAM (in addition to RAM needed by the operating system)
  • Any of these operating systems: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, Me, 2000, NT4, 98, or 95; Apple MacOS X or 9 (Macintosh users please note: Wenlin may or may not still work on System 8)

A CD-ROM drive is required for installation, but afterwards it is no longer required. Alternatively, Wenlin can always be run directly from the CD, in which case installation is unnecessary, and only a few megabytes of hard drive space are used while Wenlin is running.

You must accept all the terms specified below, before you can download or use the demo.

The demo is Copyright © 2007 Wenlin Institute, Inc. You may use, copy and distribute the demo solely for demonstration purposes, provided that no modification is made to the program, that all of the original files are included unmodified, that no files are added, and that it is not sold for profit. Commercial use of the demo is prohibited. You may not disassemble, decompose, reverse engineer, or alter any of the files in the package. A student's "flashcard" score is for the student's private use only, and must not be used for academic credit or grading.

Disclaimer: The demo software comes without any warranty. You use it at your own risk. In no event shall Wenlin Institute, Inc. be liable for any damages arising out of the use of the demo.

If you agree to all the above terms, then you may download the demo by clicking on the appropriate option below for your operating system.

  • Download the MS-Windows version. It's in an installer program named wenlindemo341.exe (3,114,628 bytes, version 3.4.1). (After downloading the installer, you can run it by double-clicking. It runs on MS-Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/98/95/NT4.)




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