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Introduce yourself with the FlexiCapture 8.0 Professional! 


FlexiCapture 8.0 Professional full trial (60 days, free of charge) available from Trantor by email trantor@trantor.fi !
60 päivän täysimittainen FlexiCapture 8.0 Professional saatavana ilmaiseen koekäyttöön Trantorista sähköpostitse trantor@trantor.fi !





Key Benefits

The speed of business is increasing exponentially. To keep up with today’s digital systems, businesses need to process paper-based documents in minutes and hours, rather than days or weeks. To maintain customer satisfication, the communication paths between digital systems and paper documents must be in sync.

ABBYY FlexiCapture helps make the most of data coming into an organisation by translating paper documents into usable data that can be directly applied to business problems, systems, and activities in a way that dramatically improves results. Businesses can quickly and easily leverage the features of FlexiCapture 8.0 to streamline business processes, reduce costs and serve customers more effectively. The key benefits of integrating ABBYY FlexiCapture 8.0 include:

Single Entry Point for Any Kind of Documents. FlexiCapture allows users to input all types of documents and forms, whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, into a single system without tedious manual data entry. Users have the flexibility to extract data for use in backend systems or to convert original documents and related attachments into searchable PDF files.


Single Entry Point for Any Kind of Documents - Quick Payback and Return on Investment (ROI)
High-Quality Data Ouput - Automation - Simple Deployment - Expandablity and Scalability - Customizability





















Quick Payback and Return on Investment (ROI). FlexiCapture eliminates manual operations, offers ready-to-use set up tools and an intuitive operator interface.By reducing the costs of manual data entry, development and deployment, FlexiCapture allows users to regain their investment quickly - often in as little as as single year when used for high-volume applications.  top

High-Quality Data Ouput. FlexiCapture’s award-winning recognition technologies provide unparalleled recognition levels and locate data within documents of any complexity. The solution supports data extraction from documents in any of 190 languages.  top

Automation. Documents of all types are automatically classified and processed without requiring additional modules or software. Since FlexiCapture intelligently classifies incoming data, users need not take time to manually pre-sort documents or to manually insert separator or cover pages prior to processing. Users can define capture scenarios that include repeatable pages and flexible page order. Typically, the need for key operator labor can be reduced by 50-70 %.  top

Simple Deployment. Easy set-up and a user interface designed for optimum usability allows users to get up and running quickly - delivering quick deployment and return on investment. FlexiCapture automates processing operations to minimize training requirements and increase efficiency of verification operations. top

Expandablity and Scalability. FlexiCapture allows adoption of the technology in logical stages. Organizations may choose to start by scanning a single document type in one department, and then extend those capabilities to other departments and document types. The solution’s intuitive visualization environment requires no programming skills, cutting the cost of software development significantly. To accommodate growth in processing volumes, the solution can be scaled with multiple CPUs or multiple licenses on a single lan. top

Customizability. FlexiCapture technology can be readily integrated into existing business processes and workflows. An intuitive and ergonomic processing interface allows users to begin integrating data capture into the workflow quickly and seamlessly. Users can script input, output and validation rules, and customize verification and validation scenarios to match the unique needs of their particular industry.





















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