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ABBYY PDF Creation and Conversion Tool

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro  



What’s new?

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro combines two utilities in one – PDF conversion and PDF creation. It is designed for those who are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, yet powerful program to convert PDFs to editable office documents and generate PDF files from office applications.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro takes an intelligent approach to PDF conversion and with its core technology enhancements, offers increased overall conversion quality.

The new version offers more than double the functionality of the previous version and adds clarity and ease of use. It provides users with a simple, instructive interface that makes the product easy to use. In addition, the new interface provides more control over the conversion processes.

PDF Conversion Technology Improvements
Convert Image PDFs to Searchable PDFs
Creating PDF Files from Applications
New Interface for PDF Conversion











PDF Conversion Technology Improvements

Intelligent PDF Conversion
Based on ABBYY’s latest OCR technologies, ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro delivers superior accuracy with PDF file conversion using its dual-option approach. When processing PDF files, the utility determines whether or not text is embedded, examines the integrity of the text layer and makes a decision as to whether to extract the text (a faster process) or apply OCR (for increased accuracy). It examines each area individually, and selects the most appropriate method to apply to each area to garner the best possible results.

Re-creation of Links
When processing PDF files, ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro now captures and re-creates internal links and hyperlinks. For example, if the table of contents page in a PDF file has links to document pages, these internal links will be reconstructed in the post-conversion Microsoft Word document.

Retention of Document Properties
ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro can extract the following type of information from PDF files: title, subject, author, and key words, and saves this information in Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML and Searchable PDF formats.

Multilingual PDF Conversion
ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro converts documents in 37 languages and now allows users to convert PDF files in any combination of the supported languages.

Page Size Retention
PDF Transformer uses information about a page size from the source PDF file and retains this information in the output document. For instance, if a PDF is letter-sized, the output document (let’s say a Microsoft Word doc) will also be letter-sized.

Retention of Image Quality
When converting a PDF file to a Microsoft Word document the new PDF Transformer doesn’t compress images and maintains their initial quality.



























Creating PDF Files from Applications

Convert Image PDFs to Searchable PDFs

Most scanners or multifunction devices, such as digital copiers, can scan documents into “image-only” PDF format, which is not searchable. ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro is the only program in its class that allows users to convert image-only PDFs to searchable PDFs in one step. By adding the text layer to image-only PDF files, ABBYY PDF Transformer makes these files available for key word searching (for example searching for PDF files using any desktop search tool). You can effectively store and retrieve scanned information like magazine articles, contracts, books, etc. on your computer

The new ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro provides the ability to create PDF files directly from a Microsoft Word document, an Excel table, a PowerPoint presentation or a Visio diagram and send it by e-mail using the special toolbar buttons.

ABBYY PDF Transformer Pro offers both one-click PDF creation from Windows Explorer and creation “with custom settings”.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro provides users with an optimal set of creation options.

Create Secure PDF files

ABBYY PDF Transformer Pro supports PDF security settings and allows users to set document Open and Permissions passwords in order to prevent unauthorized opening of documents or to restrict certain operations (like printing, content extraction, editing, adding comments, and adding/removing pages).

Re-creation of Links

When creating PDFs, ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro retains internal links and hyperlinks. Meaning that if your document contains table of contents or links to web sites or other documents in the corporate network, these links will be saved in the resulting PDF file.

Document Properties

The utility automatically keeps document properties such as title, author, subject, and keywords in the created PDF file.

Optimal Size of Created PDF

The PDF creation interface allows users to specify the size of the resulting PDF files depending on use (on-screen viewing and e-mailing, reliable viewing or printing, or for high-quality printing).

According to internal comparative tests, PDF files created by ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro are smaller in file size than those created by most other PDF conversion/creation utilities.

Create PDF via Printer Driver

A user can create PDF files not only from the applications with the add-in PDF Transformer toolbar, but also from any other application that supports the “Print” function. A user need just “print” a document choosing PDF-XChange for ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 printer in the Printer Name dialog box.

In this case advanced options for PDF creation are available like:

  • Customized paper size
  • Flexible graphic compression options
  • Font embedding settings
  • Adding watermarks
  • Overlay options
  • And many others (see Properties for the PDF-XChange for ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 printer in Print dialog box).


Fast and Easy PDF Creation







































































Hinta / Price


á 89,00 € (VAT 0%) - á 108,58 € (ALV 22%)

Educational price is á 69,00 € (VAT 0%) - á  84,18 € (ALV 22%).

Commercial and educational site licenses available!


New Interface for PDF Conversion
With the intuitive, viewer-style interface, ABBYY PDF Transformer is more flexible and easy to use because it provides the ability to choose the level of control needed in the PDF conversion process, depending on user preferences, file formatting complexity, or its use purposes. It allows users to look through a PDF file before converting it and change the settings if necessary. Key options and features of the ABBYY PDF Transformer interface include:

Ability to Select Pages for Conversion
With the new version and its redesigned interface, a user has the opportunity to scroll through a PDF file and select only relevant pages or areas for conversion.

Layout Retention Options
ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro provides the ability to easily set up the level of layout retention needed. You can save a document with the original layout or in “flowing” mode (both are with or without pictures). When saving conversion results to Microsoft Excel, a user can also choose the “Ignore text outside tables” option that allows him to convert information contained in tables only.

Area Selection Tools for Advanced Users

The interface includes a special toolbar for area-by-area definition of separate elements of a PDF file (including text, picture and table elements). It helps when trying to convert and achieve the best results from PDFs with complex formatting. The program supports automatic and manual area definition modes providing users with the ability to get output documents (Microsoft Word, for example) with absolutely the same formatting as initial PDFs.

Conversion Languages Option –

The interface allows users to manually set up languages for conversion of PDF documents. It is possible to select several languages at one time for multilingual files.

“Process PDF as Image” Mode –
The program intelligently applies both textual data analysis and OCR methods to process all PDF files. But when converting PDFs with special characters or non-standard fonts (where some text fragments may be displayed incorrectly in the output document), a user can now select “Process PDF as Image” mode. This allows him to ensure conversion accuracy even with reference to such “difficult” documents. Under this mode, ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro will ignore textual data contained in the PDF document and will analyze the page as if it is a snapshot of a document (as an image). Then the program will apply its OCR capabilities to recognize the text


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