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            Cambridge University Press
            English Language Teaching "ELT"

The Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary
 defines the vocabulary students need to succeed
 in high school and beyond.
The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary  Business Plus
A unique general and business English dictionary  in  one - ideal for business students and professionals
The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary
2nd Edition

A fully updated edition with frequency information, collocation boxes, and, on the CD-ROM, exam-practice exercises for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS and BEC.
Cover image of Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Third edition
The Cambridge Dictionary of American English 2nd Edition
The best American English learner's dictionary is better than ever, with new words and new features.
The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary 3rd Edition
A brand new edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary and CD-ROM, that is now more user-friendly than ever.


The Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms
From 'living large' to 'who's your daddy?' this book unlocks the meaning of more than 5000 idiomatic phrases used in American English today.


The Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary 17th Edition
This new edition of the classic work by Daniel Jones includes up-to-date entries, new study pages and, on the CD-ROM, spoken British and American pronunciation for EVERY word.
Cover image of Cambridge Essential English Dictionary, Skills For Life
The Cambridge Essential English Dictionary Skills For Life
This edition of the Cambridge Essential English Dictionary contains an additional pull-out section, ideal for those preparing for Skills For Life exams.
The Cambridge Essential English Dictionary
With short definitions that are easy to understand, this monolingual dictionary is suitable for beginners and pre-intermediate students.
The Cambridge Idioms Dictionary 2nd Edition
This new edition clearly explains the meaning and use of over 7,000 idioms current in British, American and Australian English.
Cover image of Cambridge Idioms Dictionary Second edition
Cover image of Cambridge Klett Concise Polish-English Dictionary
The Cambridge Klett Concise Polish-English Dictionary
A fully-bilingual Polish-English dictionary, especially designed for Polish learners of English. It includes sections on English grammar and useful conversational phrases, as well as a list of the 'False Friends' that typically cause problems for Polish learners.

Cover image of Cambridge Learner's Dictionary Third edition
The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary 3rd Edition
A new edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, fully updated with many new words and extra help with collocations.
The Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
A new edition, providing clear and simple explanations of around 6,000 phrasal verbs in use in British, American and Australian English today.

Cover image of Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary Second edition

The Cambridge School Dictionary
A learner's dictionary that includes school curriculum vocabulary.

Cover image of Cambridge School Dictionary

The Cambridge Word Routes
The bilingual reference book that helps learners use the right word in the right place.



























































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