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The Longman Interactive American Dictionary adds video, color animations, sound and interactive exercises to create a unique learning experience. Ideal for classwork, projects and homework, it combines motivation, information, and language practice, all on one CD-ROM!

Features - System Requirements


  • 80,000 words and phrases, with 50,000 real pronunciations
  • Comprehensive cultural entries, from "Bill Clinton" to "Denver boot"
  • Interactive recording facility for pronunciation practice
  • Exercise bank

The Longman Interactive American Dictionary is the first truly interactive American Dictionary in the world. But it's more than just a dictionary. Here's a rundown of what you'll find, all on one CD-ROM!


Written specially for students of American English, the dictionary contains almost 80,000 words and phrases, and covers all you need to know about American language and culture. Over 50,000 of these words give a real-life pronunciation, and there is a facility which allows you to record your own voice; so you can listen to the pronunciation given, record your own version, then see how it compares with the original.

Common Errors section
The Common Errors section will help you avoid common mistakes which many learners of English make. You can use it to help you with your homework, or to find out more about a word or phrase. Every entry in this section shows two examples of the word in use - one using it correctly, and one using it incorrectly.

The Grammar Book
You can use the Grammar Book to help you study new language areas, or review and practise language. Some sections within the Grammar Book have short, full colour animations attached to them, which are a fun way of consolidating your knowledge of certain grammar points.

There are 10 videos on the Longman Interactive American Dictionary, each illustrating grammar and use in true-to-life situations. You can use the videos to extend your vocabulary, practise your listening comprehension and improve your written English. Each video has a script which scrolls down automatically as it plays, so you can follow the words as you hear them.

To help you get the maximum from the Longman Interactive American Dictionary, we have included over 500 specially written exercises concentrating on each of the main sections.
There are exercises to:
• see how well you have understood the dictionary entries
• test your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar
• give you practice in using words from the Common Errors section correctly
• help you get the most out of the pictures
• help you get the most out of the videos

This section contains conjugations of all the verbs in the dictionary for all 'persons', and the most common tenses in both simple and progressive forms. You can use it to help you check your spelling and increase your grammatical accuracy.

In this section, there are many attractive photographs and drawings to help you learn and remember new words. Each picture has the word being illustrated at the top, and some also have short descriptions of what is in the picture.

So, there's plenty on the Longman Interactive American Dictionary to keep you occupied and help you to learn English. But, because this dictionary is on CD-ROM, it's fun to use and will keep you amused even while you're learning! Also, if you've got a multimedia computer, you can use the Longman Interactive American Dictionary at home as well as in the classroom.

System Requirements

486 or Pentium
8 MB RAM (16 MB preferred)
10MB free on hard disk
MPC compatible audio board (eg Soundblaster)
Quad speed CD-ROM drive
Windows 3.1
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT
Windows ME

Hinta - Price Information

Longman Interactive American   ISBN  Price € (VAT 0%)
Dictionary (PC) 0 582 24795 0 62,00

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