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Professional Pack - Chinese Partner for Win 95/98/Me

A first time ever, TwinBridge is proud to present you the ultimate Chinese software package built for Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me. 

This package has the combination of Chinese utilities: 


1.  Chinese Partner v5.0 click for detail

Chinese Partner is a flexible, easy-to-use Chinese enabling program that allows you to input, edit, format and convert Chinese documents in many computer applications that are principally intended for use in English or other non-Chinese Windows 95/98/ME.

With extensive 64 fonts and more than 10 input methods to choose from, it offers Unicode compatibility with Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP for optimal Chinese computing. It's also fully compatible with the Far East version of MS Office 97/2000/XP. Other features include a smooth user interface and a powerful set of utilities.

2.  Chinese Pen (Handwriting Recognition System) click for detail

  • High recognition rate with Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English and Numbers

  • Auto learning feature supports full stroke or cursive style writing

  • Full screen mode allows single character or multi-character input

  • Text to speech Mandarin voice output as you write

  • Signature feature allows insertion of handwritten signature to document

  • Enriched dictionary on associate Chinese words and homophones search

  • Support Big5, GB and Unicode

  • Pressure sensitive tablet

  • USB port does not support Win 95/NT4

3. SmartEar v4.0 (Speech Recognition System) click for detail

  • Applying IBM Via Voice 98 speech recognition technology, SmartEar can recognize continuous Chinese (Mandarin) speech with high accuracy.

  • SmartEar provides you with a natural and speedy way to input Chinese at 140 characters per minute.

  • With friendly interface, SmartEar not only provides Chinese speech dictation; it also serves as a full function Chinese word processor.

  • Enriched Chinese vocabulary including over 30,000 frequently used phrases and most of the punctuation marks.

  • Intelligent training module can adapt a new user's accent in only 50 simple sentences.

  • SmartEar has dynamic adjusting ability to accommodate a user's accent and phrases when errors were corrected.

  • Adding space between Chinese characters avoids interruption to double-byte characters when using auto-wrapping function in English Windows.

  • SmartEar can build multiple users speech modules for dictating multiple users with the same computer.

4. TranStar - Chinese-English Two-Way Translation click for detail

TranStar 4.1 has the function of English-Chinese, Chinese-English two-way Article translation, in which English-Chinese translation accuracy is above 85%, and 80% for Chinese-English translation. The high quality translation makes "Machine Translation" not "Mad Translation" any more, and it has enabled TranStar to rise up from various translation software.  

Composed of three parts:

  1. TranStar Article Translation;

  2. TranStar Internet Explorer Translation;

  3. TranStar Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP Translation.  

5. SharpEye v2.0 (Optical Character Recognition System) click for detail

The Chinese OCR system is a powerful office tool that automatically recognizes and converts a printed Chinese document into computer text file for post editing and manipulation. Inputting Chinese documents from books, newspapers, magazines into computer is now made as easy as scanning a picture.

6. English-Chinese Two-Way Dictionary v3.0 click for detail

  • The most comprehensive and intuitive bi-directional electronic dictionary of its kind. It has made definition search between English and Chinese words easier than ever!

  • The "Standard Chinese to English dictionary" is licensed from the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature of University of Hawaii.

  • All dictionaries include definitions for both mainland China and Taiwan. More than 240,000 entries in total.

  • Capable of linking with additional professional dictionaries such as medical, chemistry, law, etc.

7. EuroInput

This utility supports input and output of 26 European languages in MS Windows, provide on-screen European keyboard for easier entry of French, German, etc.... It further expands the multilingual writing capability in Windows applications.  

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

  • IBM PC compatible P-II and above with Serial/USB port

  • 64MB Main memory

  • Windows 95, 98 or Me operating system installed

  • 90 MB hard disk free space for Chinese Partner system and basic set of fonts

  • at least 370 MB of hard disk space required to install above software


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