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TwinBridge Chinese Pen v4.01

Chinese Handwriting Recognition System for Win 98/Me/2000/XP

USB Port - 5.5" x 4" Wireless Pen 

(not supported in Windows 95 and NT)

Price: €137,60 (VAT 0%)

The most comprehensive Chinese Handwriting Recognition system for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP and MS Office 97/2000/XP Suite. This product Includes a  pressure sensitive tablet and pen, which means you can draw thicker and/or darker lines by pressing harder on the pen tip.  This gives you a more natural feel.  Chinese Pen fully supports Big5, GB and Unicode to help you input Chinese text easily and accurately.

  • High recognition rate with Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English and Numbers

  • Auto learning feature supports full stroke or cursive style writing

  • Full screen mode allows single character or multi-character input

  • Text to speech Mandarin voice output as you write

  • Signature feature allows insertion of handwritten signature to document

  • Enriched dictionary on associate Chinese words and homophones search

  • Support Big5, GB and Unicode

  • Pressure sensitive tablet

  • Simulate paintbrush, watercolor brush, marker and many other creative tools with fine drawing programs such as PhotoShop, Painter, and PhotoImapact to make your PC a source of endless fun.

  • Write your personal Signature images, as if with a soft-tip pen, for inserting into documents and for signature verification.

  • Write a letter in your handwriting and e-mail it as is.

  • Have all functions of mouse plus Pen Scrolling, Direct Point and Tap, and more.

  • Communicate with the power of a pen in an Internet conference.

  • Add handwritten notes and hand drawings to your next presentation for a personal touch.




Add Handwritten Notes and Drawings to Documents and E-mail.

Annotate for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

Add Signatures and Annotation to Microsoft Word Documents.


Pointing and Clicking

Browsing, Scrolling

Paint with 512 Levels of Pressure.

Point and Control, Faster and More Convenient than Mouse.

Browse Documents and Images by Hovering the Pen Over the Plate, Without Looking for the Tiny Scroll Bars.

Technical Specifications

5540 Series
PC Interface USB Serial RS232
Dimensions 203.5 mm (L) x 191.2 mm (W) x 11.7 mm (H) 126 mm (L) x 165 mm (W) x 6.0 mm (H)
Active Area 5.50” x 4.00” 3.25" x 3.25"
Weight 11.2 oz (318g) N.W. 250g N.W.
Resolution 1000LPI (default) 500LPI (default)
Pressure Sensitivity 512 levels 512 levels
Report Rate At least 100 points/sec 106 rps at 9600 bps
Technology Used Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Pen Cordless with a pen tip and two barrel buttons Corded with a pen tip and two barrel buttons
Tablet Supply Voltage DC 5V (± 5%) DC 5V (± 5%)
Pen Power One DC 1.5V alkaline battery n/a
Pen Battery Life Minimum 2,000(AAAA) or 5,000(AAA) hours of continuous use n/a


System Requirements    
  • IBM PC or compatible with Intel 80486 or equivalent or above

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP for pressure sensitivity (supported through a Wintab-compatible interface)

  • Windows with TwinBridge Chinese Partner or MS Chinese Windows

  • USB not supported on Windows 95 and NT

  • At least 30M bytes of hard disk space for Software Driver and Pen Utilities installation

  • At least 4M bytes of RAM (32M bytes recommended)

  • Computer with serial port or USB port

Free Chinese Partner Lite version included:

The Chinese Partner is a flexible, easy-to-use Chinese enabling program that provides language support for Chinese input and display in all language versions of Windows system. Users can work with their familiar applications, enabled by the Chinese Partner, to write articles, compose e-mail and prepare spread sheets - in Chinese.

The Lite Version provides one font each for Simplified and Traditional Chinese and offers the Pinyin and Zhuyin input methods for typing Chinese characters. It is fully compatible with MS Office 97/2000/XP.

(You may obtain the Standard Version of the Chinese Partner to avail yourself of a wide array of fonts and more input methods as well as powerful utilities to enhance your Chinese computing)

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