New - Monarch DataPump 8.5

What's New in Monarch Data Pump V8.5

Monarch Data Pump V8.5 is a Windows server-based enterprise reporting and data ETL solution which automatically imports, transforms and delivers customized data mined from report files, PDF files, databases, spreadsheets, ODBC data sources, HTML files, and includes the ability to export and deliver the data in multiple formats, including natively as a PDF file.

Other new features in MDP8 include:

Copy files to Microsoft SharePoint and other WebDAV-enabled repositories. MDP8.5 can now export the customized data files it creates directly to SharePoint, Microsoft's enterprise solution for document management and collaboration.

MDP8.5 supports copying output files to Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server using enhanced WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) technology. This means MDP8.5 can export files to an HTTP web address, so the SharePoint library can be external to the organization, such as through a hosted service, or reside within the organization.

If your organization has implemented or is considering Microsoft SharePoint, or another WebDAV-enabled document repository, then MDP8.5 is your solution to automatically create custom spreadsheets, Access tables and other data-related content for SharePoint, with no new database programming.

New Database Updating. MDP8.5 takes a huge step forward as a powerful yet simple tool to populate data marts and warehouses with fresh data! MDP8.5 can now update existing rows in a table. This means MDP8.5 can overwrite existing rows of data in a table with fresh data.

Previously, Monarch Data Pump could only append new rows of data to a table. MDP8.5's new data update capability works with OLE DB data sources (including SQL Server, Oracle and DB2) as well as common spreadsheet and database file formats, including Excel and Access.

In another database-related improvement, you use MDP8.5 to define data tables that do not yet exist, and map all or some data fields created in a Data Pump Process into those tables.

New Automatic Verification. MDP8.5 now offers automatic verification of mined data. MDP8.5 now automatically provides the same type of Verify capabilities offered in desktop Monarch, in which field boundaries and data types are checked.

MDP8.5 also goes much further, performing verifications based on the number of rows in a data table. For example, we may want MDP8.5 to verify whether a data table, filtered or unfiltered, yields no rows (or, alternatively, yields more than zero rows). We can set MDP8.5 to stop the Data Pump Process based on the results of these verifications.

MDP8.5's automatic verification is a powerful new tool to test data for integrity, identify erroneous data, as well as easily stop a Data Pump Process from creating a new file containing no rows of data.

Much More...

MDP8.5 offers many more new features, including a new Server Status administrator view, displaying the status of all Data Pump services, all active jobs, and much more, all in a single view, plus the ability to shut down either the Data Pump service, or the entire server. Still more powerful new features include:

  • Setting of Monarch Runtime values using scripting

  • Export data files created by MDP8.5 to new file folders with macro-generated folder names

  • Enhanced Remote Administration

  • New utility to easily perform a backup and restore of the MDP8.5 server

    Download the DataPump White Paper here