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Co-operation has been started year 1993.


Information Made Very Easy Indeed







"VorteXML's implementation of schema support opens up a new window of functionality for user and consortium created XML. VorteXML's ability to derive, edit and save taxonomies from existing documents makes V3 a great tool for generating XML for all kinds of business reporting. For example, companies facing Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 compliance will find this tool a welcome addition to address their documentation needs."

Neal J. Hannon, XBRL authority and lecturer at the
University of Hartford's Barney School of Business

Now with W3C XML schema support

VorteXML Designer V3 is a powerful desktop data transformation tool that visually converts structured text data such as reports, purchase orders, EDI, invoices, log files and more to XML without programming. Based on Monarch technology, VorteXML is expressly designed to empower business users to quickly and easily transform their operational data into XML using any DTD or schema. Users only need to understand their source data - no programming experience is required.

VorteXML uses standard text files for input, so anyone can use it. A simple point-and-click user interface lets users define the data they want to extract. This makes VorteXML a quick and easy to use tool for technical and non-technical users alike who want to web-enable operations such as purchasing, billing, supply chain operations, financial transactions, and customer records.

New schema editing capabilities

VorteXML Designer is also now a very practical schema editing tool for business users. Many industry standard schemas are overcomplicated, as they have to cater for every possible situation. VorteXML Designer allows users to easily derive custom schemas for their own internal or B2B purposes by using a standard schema and then editing it down to size to suit their needs. The result is a compliant XML document, but without the unnecessary bloating.

With VorteXML Designer, you can:

  • Quickly and easily generate XML documents from existing structured text output, such as reports, EDI, invoices, log files, HTML files and more
  • Perform XML conversions without programming
  • Work with text data files generated from any computer system
  • Visually map extracted data to any desired DTD or schema, ensuring valid XML
  • Derive new XML content not already in existing text data files using calculated fields
  • Reorder datasets based on XML requirements
  • Use filters to create XML documents that contain only data that meets the user's criteria
  • Overcome DTD limitations with VorteXML recognition engine that correctly interprets numeric, date and currency formats of text data

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