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Solutions Provider MED3OOO Builds
its Data
with Monarch Data Pump 7

MDP7 has rapidly become a key technology solution for MED3000 to maintain and expand our M3IQ data warehouse, which we view as a competitive advantage.

  • MED3000 is a national healthcare management and information technology company, providing expertise in improving healthcare operations, patient outcomes and healthcare information technology. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with seven operations centers across the U.S., MED3000 has evolved into a major healthcare ASP (Application Service Provider), hosting IDX, Misys and other healthcare information systems for its client base, which now encompasses over 3,400 users.

  • MED3000 recently selected the new Monarch Data Pump 7, to help the company maintain its unique, competitive edge over competitors, as well as greatly improve internal business operations.

  • "One of MED3000's strongest competencies is our healthcare practice improvement," says Dan Shoemaker, Senior Database Analyst for MED3000.  "We have incorporated that knowledge into our proprietary MED3000 IQTM Data Warehouse ("M3IQ"). M3IQ is offered to our clients on an ASP basis. M3IQ enables practice leaders to drill down into the data to identify actionable growth strategies and timely solutions to problems.

  • Of course, a data warehouse is only as good as the data that goes into it," says Dan.  "We have found Monarch Data Pump 7 (MDP7) to be a very inexpensive yet powerful solution to automate our data ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) processing.  Even better, MDP7 also avoids many of the common hassles of data ETL.

  • MDP7 has rapidly become a key technology solution for MED3000 to maintain and expand our M3IQ data warehouse, which we view as a competitive advantage."

Monarch Data Pump 7 Overcomes Common ETL Hassles. 

  • *We need to frequently populate the MED3000 IQTM data warehouse with data from different systems, particularly our IDX and Misys system modules, plus other legacy sources as well," Dan explains. "Since we need data from several different systems, simply uploading raw production database tables into our MED3000 IQTM Data Warehouse is not a viable option. Doing so will typically yield record rejections for various data integrity reasons. Data integrity is, of course critical; it is imperative that our data warehouse contains apples-to-apples data, regardless of its original source.

  • "Monarch Data Pump 7 utilizes a different approach to data ETL: its primary data source is report files.  Reports, unlike raw production data tables, include business rules already applied to the data. We use MDP7 to automatically mine the data from these report files, as well as use Monarch's calculated field capabilities to help us with data transformations.

  • Although report files are Monarch Data Pump 7's main source of data, it can also access and combine data from spreadsheets, Access and other database files, as well as enterprise databases such as SQLServer and Oracle.  "We are planning on using MDP7's OleDB capability to migrate data from one platform to another," Dan says.

  • "Our clients often ask us to add some additional data into the M3IQ data warehouse from their own in-house healthcare information systems," says Dan. "For example, one of our clients recently asked if they could load some laboratory data they already had into the data warehouse.  I said yes we could, without hesitation, knowing that we could get the lab data as a text file, and Monarch Data Pump 7 could easily load it into the data warehouse.  MDP7 opens up our MED3000 IQTm data warehouse to include such additional important sources of information, in addition to data we are already managing for them."

Building a Bridge to Unix Information Systems.  

  • Dan briefed Datawatch on how he has integrated Monarch Data Pump 7, a Windows-based product, with various Unix systems.  "Several of the healthcare information systems hosted by MED3000, such as Misys Healthcare and IDX Groupcastä, run in a Unix environment, while Monarch Data Pump 7 is a Windows XP/2000/Server-based product," says Dan. "I run NT Services for Unix, a free product offered directly from Microsoft, on the MDP7 server. This allows me to schedule jobs within the Unix environment and write the report file directly to the MDP7 server.

  • "A typical scenario is to use the 'cron scheduler' in Unix to create daily Misys or IDX GroupcastTM system reports. These reports are extracted to a "virtual" directory on the Unix box, which is really a directory on the MDP7 server. MDP7 polls every 60 seconds for files and then does whatever I want it to after files are found.

  • "Similarly, users of the Unix based system must choose from 'printer numbers' in order to print reports.  Any user can easily print a desired job from the Misys or other Unix application to a specific printer number, which is actually a 'virtual printer' using NT Services for Unix. The report ends up as a file on the Monarch Data Pump 7 server.  MDP7 polls every 60 seconds looking for output from the "printer," and kicks off the data processing I want. This set-up has made it a snap to integrate Monarch Data Pump 7 with reports run from Unix-based applications."

  • Dan adds, "With each new successful process set up in MDP7, the phrase 'Data Pump' gets used in a very positive light by more and more people within MED3000!"

Bring the Power of Monarch Data Pump 7 to Your Organization.

  • Dan emphasizes the substantial benefits Monarch Data Pump 7 has helped MED3000 provide to its client base.  "Our clients rely on our M3IQ data warehouse for clear, concise financial, clinical and operational information," says Dan, "such as our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of a client practice, identifying patients due for additional important tests or other services, and much more.

  • "These benefits our clients have come to expect from MED3000 are now even easier for us to provide, with the help of MDP7. We now use MDP7 as a tool to automate our data ETL process. As a result, we are have started updating our M3IQ data warehouse on a bi-weekly basis, not just a monthly basis as in the past.

  • "Using Monarch Data Pump 7, MED3000 is realizing its strategy of improving our information system performance and easily connecting disparate systems, extracting disparate data, and turning that data into useful information for competitive business advantage."

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