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PROMT Upgrades Automated Translation Software Range.
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   @promt Net Professional 7.8

Features & Benefits

One of the most important functional features of the system is its distributed information database. User dictionaries, topic templates, Associated Memory databases, Electronic Dictionary bases are the database objects. Thanks to the centralized administration, these resources can be shared by all authorized users of @promt NET Professional 7.8. System ensures full confidentiality while documents are processed and translated.

Operating procedure

The system is based on the functionality employed in @promt Professional 7.8 software. The difference is that the translation kernel with linguistic data is located on the server where @promt NET Professional Server part is installed. @promt NET Professional Server may be installed either on a Windows 2000/XP/2003/2007 server or on a workgroup server.

All translations are carried out on the server. Only the required access components (client applications) are installed on user workstations. Translation is carried out automatically at a speed of up to 60 pages per minute (in a Batch File mode) depending on a server configuration.

During the client applications installation, PROMT integrates into MS Office systems allowing direct translation in any of MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage). The core application PROMT is a powerful linguistic editor with a set of convenient facilities for customizing translation. System supports automatic and semi-automatic selection of translation topics, including mechanism of creating and managing common folders with preset topics.

Version 7.8 provides new features comparing to the previous one. These are:

  • Option of Batch File translation. Users of the program will receive a special tool intended for translating a group of text files in a batch mode. Its convenient and simple interface allows to generate the queue from text files to be translated and specify folders for entering translated files. It is possible to run this application directly from the command line.
  • Automatic Dictionary Construction. @promt NET Professional 7.8 gives you the possibility of automatic creation of user dictionaries from already existing glossaries (e.g., tables with words and their translations). The procedure helps to convert the format of already created glossaries into the format of @promt dictionaries to use them with the translation program, so that previously made efforts will not be lost. The grammatical information, such as the part of speech, the inflection type of words (collocations) and their translations, and etc. is determined automatically using all knowledge cumulative in dictionaries of all language pairs.
    The option is available for language pairs: English<>German, English<>French, English<>Spanish and French<>Spanish.

Thanks to these new features time spent on translation and customization of the program can be substantially reduced.

Systems requirements for user workstations are quite low due to the scheme when servers are used both for storage of dictionary databases and executing of the translation process.


@promt NET Professional 7.8 administration system incorporates:

  • Unified terminology and translation database for entire organization
  • Language administration system (PNLA)
  • Application administration system (PNUM).

All users or user groups are granted different access rights to shared resources. Users are divided into groups as follows:

  • Common users. They may use only client applications with specified translation directions;
  • Language administrators. They may also use @promt NET Professional Linguistic Administrator (PNLA) utility. List of translation directions available to a specific language administrator in PNLA is set by a system administrator;
  • System administrators. They may use @promt NET Professional User Manager (PNUM) and @promt NET Professional License Manager Utilities.








































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