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PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 Intranet Edition

Features & Benefits


PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 Intranet Edition has a number of advantages and benefits which make this solution to an efficient tool to operate in corporate nets:

  1. Lowest price of a single workplace;
  2. Advanced system adjustment opportunities in order to achieve high level of translation quality of user texts;
  3. Low cost of ownership:
    a. There is no need in special client software ( interface ) – any available Web-browser can be used as client software (interface);
    b. Simple procedure of installation;
    c. Simple scalability;
  4. Effective control of user access rights to system and creation of individual profiles in order to achieve high level of the using efficiency.

Functional capabilities PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 Intranet Edition

  1. Translation of texts and documents with preservation of formatting (the following formats are supported: Microsoft® Word 2000/XP/2003, RTF, HTML, SGML, XML and TXT);
    a. Translation of documents directly in Microsoft® Word 2000/XP/2003, RTF, HTML formats;
    b. Translation of HTML pages (with automatic web-page download and parsing and automatic hyperlink translation) from Internet or local sources;
    c. Translation of XML and RSS streams according to the predetermined rules;
    d. Translation of unformatted text from clipboard or entered manually;
  2. Search of a word or word collocations in the dictionary containing all dictionary base of specialized dictionaries of the PROMT;
    a. System customization in order to achieve the best quality of translation
    b. Setup of the specialized dictionaries for various subjects which are issued by PROMT;
    c. Creation of user dictionaries, including in an automatic mode (from text glossaries);
    d. Setup of the user dictionaries which were created in other applications of PROMT® 7.0 family or earlier versions, using a format of PROMT® dictionary archive (ADC-file);
    e. Creation and editing of translation customization for user groups – topic templates, and also preservation of current customization of the translation for each user individually;
    f. Creation and editing of translation rules for XML-documents.
  3. Integration of the translation capabilities into other applications
    a. Integration of the translation capabilities directly into Microsoft® Word 2000/XP/2003 due to application of the especial plug-in;
    b. Translation of Web-pages in a window of a browser, using toolbar for Microsoft® Internet Explorer;
    c. Translation of texts on pressing a combination of "hot" keys in any Windows-applications, using PROMT Translation Agent.
  4. Flexible capabilities of administration:
    a. Administration of users and the flexible management policy by access for groups of users;
    b. Use of the PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 Intranet Edition Config utility for flexible customization of server performance and to ensure the high fail-safety of the system;
    c. Translation statistics for each user;
    d. Back-up of user data.

System's linguistic capabilities

The expanded set of linguistic administration tools of PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 Intranet Edition offer to the users extensive opportunities of system customization for the translation of user texts. Users can carry out following operations for improvement of translation quality and accuracy:

  1. Setup of the specialized dictionaries and creation of own dictionaries, the editing the list of connected user and specialized dictionaries and to change their priorities;
  2. To edit the list of reserved words and the preprocessors, allowing to influence processing algorithms of the text before translation;
  3. To set rules of translation;
  4. To set a mode a transliteration of unknown words;
  5. To set a display mode of translation variants;
  6. To save the stated above customization parameters of translation in the form of the group customization - so-called topic templates;
  7. To create and edit user dictionaries through the web-interface, including fast automatic creation of dictionaries from glossaries by means of procedure ADC (automated dictionary construction);
  8. To load user dictionaries from archive of the dictionary, that was created in any other applications of PROMT® 7.0 family or earlier versions of the software.

In order to improve the accuracy of translation on particular subjects, the system can be supplied with specialized dictionaries or dictionary sets. The system is capable of applying additional user dictionaries created either by specialists of the PROMT or by users themselves.

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