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Trial on @promt Net Professional 7.8 available from Trantor!

PROMT, Ltd. Automated Translation Solutions
English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian
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PROMT Upgrades Automated Translation Software Range.
Complete product family now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007!




@promt Net Professional 7.8

        Quick Glance
              Feature & Benefits: Administration -
Integration capabilities
              Saving translation into Translation Memory Database - Batch File Translation

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Dictionary volumes

@promt NET Professional 7.8 is available now for any of the 10 language pairs. The volumes of general dictionaries (number of words and word combinations), are as follows:

English-Spanish-English 572 000
English-French-English 610 000
English-German-English 700 000
English-Portuguese*-English 460 000
English-Russian-English 850 000
French-Spanish-French 338 000
German-Russian-German 1 000 000
French-Russian-French 780 000
French-German-French 267 000
Spanish-Russian-Spanish 590 000

*Brazilian Portuguese is also available.

@promt NET Professional 7.8 at a Quick Glance

  • Centralized linguistic and technical administration;
  • Unlimited quantity of installations (only concurrent translations are limited by the license);
  • Advanced translation algorithms and multidimensional dictionary architecture;
  • Full integration with all Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003/2007applications ;
  • Image Files Translation (PDF, BMP, JPG, etc) ;
  • Powerful Set of Customization Tools;
  • Translation Memory for the Highest Accuracy;
  • Option of Batch File Translation;
  • Automatic creation of specialized dictionaries from already existing user glossaries.

@promt NET Professional 7.8 Features & Benefits

1. Administration

All users or user groups are granted different access rights to shared resources. Users are divided into groups as follows:

  • Common users. They may use only client applications with specified translation directions; 
  • Language administrators. They may also use @promt NET Professional 7.8 Linguistic Administrator utility, which allows performing the linguistic administration of the system, i.e. granting to the specific users access to specific dictionaries and topic templates . List of translation directions available to a specific language administrator is set by a system administrator; 
  • System administrators. They may use @promt NET Professional User Manager and @promt NET Professional License Manager Utilities.

2 . Accurate and High Speed Translation of big text volumes

The @promt NET Professional 7.8 translation solution provides comprehensible and cost-effective translation of documents with one mouse-click in automatic mode. The best in industry linguistic algorithms and multidimensional dictionary architecture (www.e-promt.com/multidimensional) ensure the highest translation quality in the world. Thanks to the extended vocabulary database and new translation rules @promt NET Professional 7.8 provides high quality translation of specialized texts and technical documentation.
The software translates at speeds as fast as one
60-page document per minute (in batch mode).

Fig. 1. PROMT Linguistic Editor – the powerful translation environment.

3. Integration Capabilities

•  Translation of Word & Excel documents, E-mails, PowerPoint presentations and FrontPage files. Many companies use Microsoft® Office applications in the everyday work. @promt NET Professional 7.8 allows translating information directly in these applications. Special plug-ins completely integrates translation options into Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003/2007Word, Excel, Outlook ® , PowerPoint ® and FrontPage ® applications.


Fig. 2. Translate documents without leaving MS Word application!

•  Translation of image files. The built-in Readiris OCR** software from Image Recognition Integrated Systems S.A. Company (I.R.I.S.) enables translation of image files. Thus, @promt NET Professional 7.8 could easily open any PDF, TIFF, JPG and other image files, convert their text content into electronic text preserving layout and translate it.

•  Web site translation. @promt NET Professional 7.8 integrates translation function into Microsoft® Internet Explorer so that any web page can be easily translated “on-the-fly” in online mode. The web site layout is preserved during the translation, so that hyperlinks can be used for further navigation.

Fig . 3. Web site translation in online mode.

•  XML translation. Special plug-in for Microsoft® Word 2003 enables translation of any XML document. This feature is also available in File Translator for batch XML documents translations.

**OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, the computer technology for recognition of characters in printed documents or graphic files.

4. Possibility of saving translations in a Translation Memory database.

@promt NET Professional 7.8 allows saving text segments along with their translations in a base in order to use them subsequently while translating in the PROMT application. The Manager of Associated Memory (AM) allows creating, deleting and manually editing AM translation bases, and also performing a search of entries in the base. The AM translation base is a module which is similar to a simplified system of a Translation Memory class. Centralized system management will let you create AM translation bases for different departments. The filling of the base can be done by any of the system users. Use of the database will allow your employees to considerably reduce the volume of editing for the repeating text segments.

5. Batch File Translation

Thanks to this special tool translation of a big number of files can be executed in the automatic batch mode.

The convenient and simple interface of the application allows you to form a queue from text files to be translated and specify the folder where translated files will be automatically stored. It is possible to run this application directly from the command line.

6. Automated Dictionary Construction***

@promt NET Professional 7.8 gives you the possibility of automatic creation of user dictionaries from already existing glossaries (e.g., tables with words and their translations). The procedure helps to convert the format of already created glossaries into the format of @promt dictionaries to use them with the translation program, so that previously made efforts will not be lost. The grammatical information, such as the part of speech, the inflection type of words (collocations) and their translations, and etc. is determined automatically using all knowledge cumulative in dictionaries of all language pairs.

***Only for language pairs: English<>German, English<>French, English<>Spanish and French<>Spanish.

7. Professional Customization Tools

@promt NET Professional 7.8 provides an extensive set of customization tools including those for:

  • Creating user dictionaries
  • Building lists of preserved words
  • Adding PROMT specialized dictionaries in order t o g uarantee the highest quality translation.

Special built-in editing help includes the following options:

  • Terms not found. Easy-to-see flagging of terms not found in your dictionaries;
  • Word identifier. Automatic source/target identification with a simple mouse click;
  • Alternative translations can be shown immediately on screen for better text editing.

Fig. 4. The customization tools to enhance translation accuracy.

@promt NET Professional 7.8 includes a Large Electronic Dictionary as a Stand-Alone Application for all the available translation directions – up to 1,000,000 words and word collocations with translations, up to 100 topics depending on the translation direction. As a result the user gets the translation software along with the Electronic Dictionary.

Fig. 5. Stand-alone Electronic Dictionary is filled up with a lot of translations for a great number of words and word collocations for every translation direction delivered.


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