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PROMT, Ltd. Automated Translation Solutions
English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian
 PROMT International Distributor and Reseller





@promt translation software

@promt Expert 8.0

Fast and accurate translation

The Microsoft Office 2007-style interface makes it easy and intuitive to work with @promt Expert 8.0

@promt Expert 8.0 translation software provides comprehensive and cost-effective translation of documents with a single mouse-click — no user interaction required. The original layout of the document is preserved.

Continually updated linguistic algorithms with hundreds of thousands of language rules, together with the multidimensional dictionary architecture, ensure high-quality translation.

Batch File Translation is supported in @promt Expert 8.0 in the form of a special tool designed to translate multiple documents in a single pass. The easy-to-use interface lets you generate a list of text files to be translated and to specify files for translation. The application can also be run from the command line.

The software translates at speeds as fast as one 60-page document per minute.

Integration Capabilities

The PROMT for TRADOS® (P4T) module enhances translation processes by linking the @promt translation system with the TRADOS Translator’s WorkBench. P4T helps to expand the Translation Memory (TM) databases by incorporating the translations processed by the @promt machine translation system. P4T includes:

  • File analysis with unrecognized segments saved in a separate file using the Trados system
  • Translation of the unrecognized segments using the @promt translation kernel
  • The translated segments are added to the Trados TM base P4T and integrated with the @promt machine translation system.
  • Trados TM databases can be used to automatically create @promt user dictionaries.

Special plug-ins integrate comprehensive translation options into Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and FrontPage applications.

@promt Expert 8.0 provides a set of special tools that make it easy to extract information from foreign-language web sites without the need to understand the language. Customization functions include:

  • Manage the translation process through the toolbar or a shortcut menu right in the browser.
  • Attach specialized dictionaries to improve the quality of web page translation on those topics.
  • Save translation settings for selected web pages so they’re automatically translated next time you visit them.

Customization Options

The PROMT Terminology Manager controls the process of terminology extraction and manages the lists of specialist terms. Integration with both machine translation and translation memory systems enables searching for translation equivalents in translation memory databases and specialized and/or user dictionaries. It also supports automatic translation of selected specialist terms to supplement @promt Expert user dictionaries.

Creation of user dictionaries will help you to optimize the program for use with your subject specific terminology. Both simple and advanced modes of dictionary creation are supported; advanced mode enables entry of all declensions of source words and translation.

The simple mode of adding new words uses automatic selection, which makes the whole process quick and easy.

@promt Expert 8.0 includes a standalone electronic dictionary that supports all available @promt translation directions. It translates any word or phrase and also offers comments on grammar and etymology.

The Translation Memory (TM) Manager lets you create, manually edit, or delete TM databases for any language pair and direction, and also search for specific entries in the database.

The TM database module is intended to save text segments with their translations in a format that allows them to be easily re-used with the PROMT linguistic editor and any other program application, reducing the scope of translation projects that include those text segments.

Special built-in editing help includes:

  • Terms not found — flags terms not found in the dictionaries
  • Word identifier — automatic source/target identification with a single mouse click
  • Alternative translations can be shown in real time on screen for easier text editing.


Fast and accurate translation - Integration Capabilities - Customization Options











































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