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PROMT, Ltd. Automated Translation Solutions
English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian
 PROMT International Distributor and Reseller
Pocket PROMT 5.0
Translation software for Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003,
Windows Mobile 5.0 devices














Features - Specialized Dictionaries - Translation directions - General Dictionary Volume
System Requirements




















New Translator for PDA –
Pocket PROMT 5.0


For immediate release

PROMT announced release of a new translation system for pocket PCs and communicators – Pocket PROMT 5.0.

The key distinguishing feature of the new PROMT product is support of the newest operating platform – Windows Mobile 5.0 – used in pocket PCs and communicators of the latest generation. Now users of the recent models can enjoy "mobile" translation – a feature they were waiting for with tremendous interest, allowing them significantly increase capabilities of pocket PCs and communicators.

Another distinguishing feature is availability of new translation directions: French-German-French and English- French-English, additionally to existing translation directions with increased General Dictionaries volume: English-Russian-English, German-Russian-German, English-German-English, and English-Spanish-English.

New version of Pocket PROMT allows file translation in Pocket Word/Pocket Word Ink and Rich Text Format. Moreover, it can instantly translate a web-page or e-mail, or just a text typed on the keyboard. The translated text can be edited, saved as a file in the Pocket Word/Pocket Word Ink and Rich Text Format, or in the text format, and also sent to the Clipboard. And Pocket PROMT 5.0 includes a feature of simultaneous translation that translates the text "on-the-fly", e.g. as it is being entered. To improve the translation quality for specialized documents, the delivery package contains several specialized dictionaries: Commerce, Internet, Law, and Information Science, which the Company specialists consider to be particularly useful for business users of translation systems.

"Today the pocket computer has become a usual and necessary thing for many people who need to have permanent access to multilingual information in the rapidly changing World. We are glad to present a new version of the PDA translator – Pocket PROMT 5.0 – to all users of pocket PCs and communicators of the latest models running Windows Mobile 5.0", - said Ilya Klimakov, Director for Overseas Markets.


PROMT is a world leading provider of machine translation technologies. The company was established in 1991 and its expertise spans over 13 years of machine translation technologies development. Combining the innovation and technological perfection, PROMT has developed the revolutionary machine translation (MT) technology and became the technological leader in MT industry.

Nowadays PROMT provides the full range of translation solutions: machine translation systems and services, dictionaries, translation memory systems, data mining systems for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet. New translation software product line @promt consists of a wide range of sophisticated software products and solutions and ensures the highest possible quality and efficiency of translation processes.

The customers of PROMT appreciate its commitment to the continued research and investment in the fields of linguistics and Natural Language Processing: PROMT has customers spanning consumer, SME and enterprise markets, including global industry leaders Xerox, SAP, Lukoil, General Motors, Volvo Car International, Deloitte&Touch and etc.



























































Pocket PROMT 5.0 is powered by the advanced PROMT XT machine translation technology.


  • Clipboard Translation;
  • Text topic selection (if there any additional dictionaries installed);
  • Text format (TXT), Pocket Word/Pocket Word Ink and Rich Text Format (RTF) support;
  • Editing the translated text;
  • Copying the translated text to Clipboard;
  • Saving the translated text as file: in text format (TXT), HTML or Rich Text Format (RTF);
  • Selecting font type and size for the editor;
  • Setting parameters of the icon on the task bar;
  • Synchronous translation (when typing in a source text);
  • Running translation process of Clipboard from System Tray with one click;
  • Access to editing commands and changes of direction of translation via the context menu in the editor.


Specialized Dictionaries included

  • Business (English <-> Russian)
  • Computing (English <-> Russian)
  • Internet (English <-> Russian)
  • Law (English <-> Russian)
  • Phrase Book (Russian -> English)
  • +Bonus (For Boxed version only) : Cyrillic keyboard driver "QKeys" from Quarta Technologies.


Translation directions

  • German <-> Russian
  • English <-> German
  • English <-> Russian
  • English <-> Spanish
  • French <-> German
  • English <-> French


General Dictionary Volume

Translation Direction Entries
German-Russian + Russian-German 510 000
English-German + German-English 397 000
English-Russian + Russian-English 680 000
English-Spanish + Spanish-English 327 000
French-German + German-French 267 000
English-French + French-English 349 000

System requirements

  • Devices :
    • Pocket PC 2002
    • Pocket PC 2003
    • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • At least 17 Mb of available memory;
  • Microsoft ActiveSync 3.x on desktop computer (only for installation).
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