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Why the machine translation system?  -  Why @promt Translation Software?
Desktop products - Feature Comparison

PROMT Machine Translation software translates your business or technical documents, letters, e-mail, web sites and even graphic files quickly and accurately. PROMT offers different translation products for different translation demands. You can choose the correct translation software for the following translation directions:



Why the Machine Translation?

Nowadays there are too many people communicating and too much information distributed and analyzed globally for human translators to satisfy everybody's need for translation services. The situation could be unsolvable were it not for computer-aided translation.

Machine translation technology (MT) dramatically increases the efficiency of translation processes benefiting both translators and consumers of information. MT makes communication smooth and relationships stable where multilingual contacts are involved.

Machine translation helps when it is important to…

  • Understand at a glance what it is all about (we call it instant gisting)
  • Quickly get a draft of translation for further editing and refining (we call it translation drafting)
  • Communicate without language barriers and delays (we call it easy communication).

Above all, MT is useful when you want to keep all the information in-house.

Interested in easy communication, stable relationships, and confidentiality supported through advanced and reliable technology? Please browse our standard products developed for translation experts and home users, businessmen and entrepreneurs, public servants and students.

Why @promt?

@promt translation systems are efficient time-saving software aides with empathically friendly interface. They translate over 1,000,000 words per hour ensuring high accuracy with respect to natural language rules.

Intellectual algorithms of the underlying PROMT eXcellent Translation Technology (PROMT XT) provide ample opportunities for topic tuning and system's customization to adjust translation quality to one's individual requirements.

The brand new dictionary architecture of PROMT XT reflects a new approach in building MT dictionaries. @promt dictionaries are able to store the unlimited number of word translations with the bulk of grammatical information which makes @promt systems even more flexible and humanlike.

@promt Family
  • Top-of-the-industry translation technology
  • High and stable productivity regardless the text volumes translated
  • Ample options to improve translation accuracy

Translation Software for Business & Government - @promt professional systems provide fast and cost-effective way to cope with any kind of translation tasks that refer to multilingual written communication, competitive intelligence and document flow processing in a medium to large-size organization.

Translation Software for Experts - @promt expert systems add up to efficiency, stability and accuracy of the popular Translation Memory Systems arming translation agencies and individual experts with the complete set of specialized translation tools.

Translation Software for Small Office/Home Office - @promt SOHO systems ensure fast, convenient and economical way to translate texts and emails which makes them indispensable in a small business or at the home office.

Translation Software for Home Users - @promt home systems are ideal for individuals corresponding with foreign pen pals or translating texts for educational or other personal purposes.

Translation Software for Mobile Users - @promt mobile translation systems has been developed for all mobile and dynamic people on the move, especially those who often travel abroad.

Translation Software for Children - @promt learning software is intended for children of school age or under who study English, German or Russian. There are animated characters that make all these lessons and tests really edutaining.



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